What makes our products sustainable?

We make all pieces to order in our Edinburgh Studio. This means we only use the materials we need, minimising textile waste and reducing the carbon footprint of our business. Fabric offcuts that are left over are reworked into future zero-waste collections.

Our products are made to last. We make everything by hand, often using traditional craft and finishing techniques, and consider every detail. We take pride in the quality of our work, and hope that you will treasure it for many years to come.

Our fabrics and trimmings/haberdashery are the highest quality we can find. We source small quantities of fabrics from both the UK and around the world, preferring natural fibres over synthetic. When ordering textiles from overseas we use sea freight shipping where possible. 

Our products are ethically made. The majority of our products are still made by Emily herself, with occasional help from local seamstresses, who are paid the living wage. We work closely with these seamstresses to ensure that the strictest quality control is maintained.

Our industrial sewing machines are fitted with servo motors. A servo motor is more energy efficient and has a lower environmental impact than the traditional clutch motor still found on many industrial sewing machines.

The majority of our packaging is either recycled or compostable. Our recycled tissue paper and kraft mail bags are made by small businesses in the UK. We use degradable polythene mailers when an item is going to be in transit for a long time or needs extra moisture proofing. These are recyclable through the same channels as supermarket plastic bags, but as this facility is not easily accessible to everyone we are looking for an alternative to these.