This scarf was inspired by vintage eiderdowns, but it looks like a flowery flump, sooo. It is quilted down the centre to create two sections for a fun, sculptural look. One end feeds through an opening in the other end, meaning a secure and snug fit around your neck. It can be worn so that the brand label is either visible or hidden.

Each scarf is comprised of 3 layers of fabric which are quilted together and then hand-stuffed with ethically sourced goose feathers. All of our feathers and down are sourced in accordance with the DOWNPASS standard. Each scarf comes with a DOWNPASS verification code to ensure complete traceability of the filling, and to confirm there is a valid animal welfare and quality audit of the manufacturer.

This colourway is a Liberty cotton in pink, blue and green microfloral on a white background.

100% cotton outer, water-resistant mid-layer, cotton downproof lining, 85% goose feather & 15% goose down filling.